The organisers have arranged bus transport between Launceston & Hobart and the Hash House. For safety reasons we strongly encourage participants to use this transport and to encourage this, with the assistance of the ARA, we will be offering this option at cost price or less. Bus times have been finalised but final costs will not be known until entries open on July 1st. However, as an indication, the approximate one way price will be $55 for Hobart travellers and $35 for Launceston travellers.

Bus times have been selected that optimise your ability to link in with flights to/from Launceston. Flights are limited and prices will increase as time passes. If you want affordable flights we recommend that you book as soon as possible. Please also note that the ARA has agreed that the Australasian Championships will start and finish at 11 AM. This will allow participants to get back to Launceston on Sunday in time to meet flights.